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To my baba

June 17, 2011

With father’s day right around the corner, it’s time to do a tribute to my daddy, my baba. This will be our 21st father’s day celebration together, and I’m lucky to say that I have not missed a single one. I love my dad so much. I am often the rebellious daughter who never comes home until the sun rises, or rolls my eyes when I hear something that I don’t like… but through it all, thick and thin… my father’s love has been unconditional.

My mom always tells me that baba loves me so much. When I was a little girl, he wouldn’t stop holding me… and even today whenever I see him, he always has his arms wide open for me. My daddy still pinches my cheeks like he used to (of course I never lost my baby fat so that might be why). And he still gives me wise words of advice like he used to. The love is the same, just a few extra gray hairs and a back ache here and there.

chubby bunny cheeks 🙂

Growing up, my sister was always the smart daughter. She got the brains just like my dad! I got some real cute chubby cheeks! Lol… So I always found myself chasing after that bond with my dad. We have it for sure, but in a different way. Since my parents had 2 daughters and no sons, I guess I was there to be that tom-boy/son that they never had. My dad and I have had countless expeditions taking kayaking classes and joining a sailing team. We would wake up at 4 in the morning and head to Sausalito to hop aboard the mighty dinghy! …Learned how to tie a couple of real neat knots on these sailing trips!

I was also daddy’s little golfer. I started taking lessons with my dad, and then eventually joined junior lessons with my sister, and now I’ve been golfing for a little over 11 years. My dad quit golf when he threw out his back a couple of times, but he’s still always there to support me through my golfing escapades. So for all the times that I have joined or quit a sports team, needed a ride to practice, or wanted a supportive hurrah from the audience, thanks for being there for me, baba. I love you so much.

My favorite golf course 🙂 wide open so it's hard to lose balls

My dad is also my best sporting event buddy! I am a crazy professional sports fanatic, and he always goes with me to games (Of course, I pay for the tickets because he doesn’t want to pay to see a team lose :D… hahaha). He is my favorite A’s fan and my favorite Warriors fan, and is not afraid to jeer atrociously and applaud loudly at the games, which is probably where I get my enthusiasm from. Like father, like daughter.

A's Fans!

Warriors Fans! (Don’t judge. We’re from the area.)
And again, like father like daughter- we both love animated films. Any Disney/Pixar or Dreamworks animation movies are our favorites! Cars, Nemo, Wall-E, Robots, Ratatouille, Up, Toy Story, Monster’s Inc, Tangled, Tron… you name it, we have it on DVD!!!  Every time one comes out on DVD, I buy it right away, wrap it up and give it to baba. There is no Hallmark holiday for doing that, but I guess we see each DVD release as a celebration in itself. I absolutely love our library of PG movies.

What DVD is inside that wrapping?

The greatest thing about my dad is that he is able to find a perfect balance. While being one of the nerdiest and smartest engineers in the whole wide world, he is still a kid at heart.  

Kid and engineer at heart 🙂 He loves remote control toys.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is… Dad, I really appreciate you for looking past my insecurities and flaws. Thank you for always being here for me and hanging out with me. I love our adventurous outings and Sunday brunches. I love that I can be your forever tomboy daughter. I love you, baba. Happy Father’s Day.  

Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's in the world.


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  1. Just bumped into your post. This is a great tribute to your baba, your Dad.
    Hope he and you have a wonderful Father’s Day! Just know that the time you spend with him is time you will never regret.

    Enjoy! And thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks Kris! 🙂 I’m looking forward to giving him his gift! “Cars” is one of his favorite movies and since Cars 2 is coming out, I got him a remote control toy car of one of the characters. Hope you enjoy your father’s day as well.

  2. I loved your post–your relationship with your dad is so special. I wrote about my dad, too: Keep up the great, personal posts–it was perfect for upcoming holiday.

    Now I’ll have to watch a Pixar movie with my dad!

    Keep shining,
    The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

    • Thank you Lauren! I just checked out your post also. very cute! Hope your father’s day goes well!

  3. d’awwww you and your baba are adorable :)))

    and i still can’t get over the fact that you golf…

    • haha 🙂 neeks! When you come back, we have a lot to do! write it all down! tangled, what was the other thing???, and now golf!?

  4. full of love story 😀

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