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Help stop the deportation of Anthony Makk!

August 11, 2011

A couple hours ago on the news, my parents heard about Anthony Makk’s deportation. My parents personally know Anthony and have worked with him in the past.

Especially my mother… she wants you to know, Anthony, that she is here to support you two. She can’t stop talking about how you are truly a good honest guy, and you of all people well-deserve citizenship.

Anthony, originally from Australia, is in the United States applying to become a permanent resident; however, with the Defense of Marriage Act, Anthony and his husband Bradford Wells are not being recognized as a legally married couple. They have been together for over 19 years and married for 7. Anthony is not only Brad’s husband, but he is also Brad’s only caregiver in his battle with AIDS. If this deportation happens, Anthony will be forced to leave the country on August 25th which is only days away. From there, then their options are slim-  It doesn’t look good and it definitely doesn’t look fair.

Please read this article about their story.

But most importantly, if you can find it in your heart to support Anthony Makk and Bradford Wells, sign this petition.

My family and I are here to support you guys!


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