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21 and Classy

September 12, 2011

Hello adult world! A little less than 2 weeks ago… I turned 21.

What does this mean to all 21-year olds in the United States?
1. I can buy alcohol!!! I can proudly show my ID and tell the 7-Eleven clerk, “WHAT? YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME?”

2. I still cannot rent a car.

That’s about it.


Now on the other hand, What does this mean to all 21-year old Asians?
1. YEA, I AGE WELL! Thanks for checking my ID when I’m buying a PG-13 ticket.

In all fun and games though, here is what I did on my 21st birthday. For any August babies, I hope you had a great one as well.

1. Midnight run to Safeway grocery store for my first legal bottle of alcohol! Malibu coconut rum (call it what you want – girly drink, female dog drink, but it is delicious)

2. A fat breakfast at The Original Pancake House with a fat omelet and chocolate chip pancakes. I like my eggs with tobasco sauce and ketchup… and I got tobasco sauce in my eye and it burned for about an hour. I thought I was going blind. That was definitely the highlight of my 21st birthday.


3. Spent the day with the boyfriend doing kiddy arts and crafts for fun. Hit up the animal shelter because animals make me happy. So when people ask me what I did on my 21st birthday, I can proudly say that I spent it doing the things that I love… hangin’ out with homeless cats and dogs, and makin’ cement art.


4. Got tipsy.

5. Got Il Fornaio cupcakes from the best boss in the world. Thanks Ellen!!! 🙂 And the best cookies in the world from my awesome girlfriend Sandy!!! She and Iron Chef Betty Crocker did a great job.


7. A pleasant surprise from my parents at home with a cute little gift basket and a lucky fish balloon.

Keep in mind that you never stop turning 21 until you’re 22! So the party goes on.

9. KARAOKE with my cousin Amanda!!! 🙂 And then a slumber party with kittycats that I was very allergic to.


10. Blue Agave Club!!! with my cute family 🙂 the best burritos and flan that I have hands down ever had.


11. Over the past weekend, I went wine tasting! We hit up 4 wineries in Clearlake, and by the end of it I was tuh-tuh-tuh-tipsy!


12. Passed out for 2 hours – super classy.

13. Went to a casino in nornornorcal to gamble! I won $19.30. The boyfriend won $104.83. Jealousy lurks because I didn’t win as much in my competitive nature Regardless(!!!#$%!), it was fun!

14. Went shopping with my best friend.

15. Decided to start a wine collection. Here are my first two bottles of Shannon Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 and Brassfield Riesling dessert wine. Now, I just need to buy a used wine cooler since as a college student I can’t afford to buy a new one. Let me know if you have one to sell for cheap/ donate. 😀 tehe.


What a way to wrap up my summer! Hope yours was just as delightful. 🙂 Cheers!


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