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A Little Miracle

November 19, 2011

Friday. 11/11/11…was a once-a-century repunit palindrom day. Special to many, but I never thought much of it until I met Suki.Abandoned Puppy

She was abandoned in downtown San Jose on Julian Street. Picture a three month old puppy tied to a pole with a Bad Boy Bail Bonds lanyard and an expired flea collar. The rain downpoured as she tried to curl up next to a McDonald’s bag. The little black and white mutt was covered in dirt and soot, so much that her white fur was completely gray. She was shivering as the breeze blew against her wet body. She was in enough pain to where her whimpers were nothing but a slight whisper.

I took her home that night and gave her a warm bath, to find that underneath the dirt and soot was a beautiful white coat with little black spots. And behind that sad whimper was a happy little puppy with more energy than anyone could imagine. She slept through the whole night, wrapped in my old fleece sweater.

When I took her to the veterinarian the next morning, she had fleas, tapeworms, and puppy asthma. She barely had any meat on her- just skin and bones… so frail to touch at a light four pounds. As a poor college student, I couldn’t even fathom the idea that I had to pay $150 for the vet bill (And that’s only for the first visit!). But I did it anyway! And I’ll be spending another $300 in four weeks for a second round of shots and medications, and then of course puppy training school… $300 out the door. But it all seems worth it.

A puppy’s life was saved on Friday, but a week later I’m realizing that I might need her more than she needs me. The original plan was to find her a new loving home, but the thought of giving her away brought me to so many tears… so… Dear World, I have a new puppy! 🙂

Maybe during the next 11/11/11 in 100 years, someone will have the same luck that I did and find a little Suki for themselves.

New Home

Suki and my sweet Candy 🙂

And of course… Thanks to my friends who always help me take care of the lil pup. 🙂

Video Update 🙂



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  1. what a wonderful story!
    Congrats to both of you for finding each other.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks! She’s doing great. 🙂

  3. Jan permalink

    Oh my! She is adorable! Zeus was also skin and bones. It’s amazing what regular food and consistent care will do for animals in spite of the way some people treat them.

    • Isn’t she? And best part is she brings so much energy to my other dog Candy who is over 12 years old. I want to see a picture of Zeus!

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