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June 19, 2012

Saturday was Santa Clara University’s undergraduate commencement- and from a graduate’s perspective, it was fantastic.

A few weeks ago, I was surprised when I heard that Steve Wozniak was our keynote speaker. Who knew that someone with a net worth of over $100 million dollars would not only speak at our graduation, but also sit through it for 3 hours! What a guy.

Of course many of us couldn’t help but shake his hand when we made our once in a lifetime graduation walk across the stage. May as well check 2 things off our bucket list:

√ Graduate college

√ Shake the hand of a celebrity

The Woz gave us some wise words that I think everyone can take away from…

H=S-F, happiness = smiles – frowns
H=F^3, happiness = food, fun, and friends

Looking back on my experience at Santa Clara, I remember the countless times that I’ve stressed out over a quiz, slept in the library before a final, or pulled an all-nighter for an essay. But as those details start to fade, I know that there are ones that will resonate with me forever.

I will never forget the lifetime friends that I have made along the way… living in dorms freshman year, sharing my scooter to rush to class, sleepovers, crazy group projects, staying up till dawn talking, eating Henry’s, dog-sharing, moving out with the 2 best roommates in the world. It’s sad that so many of my friends are moving away… instead of seeing everyone in our little college town, we’re going to be spread across the globe. It’s part of life, but we just have to try our best to keep in touch.

I will never forget the education that I have received from my professors. I can’t say enough about the SCU professors… some knew all of our names before the first day of class, and all of them were so dedicated to helping us succeed. I even had a professor who recorded a lecture from the hospital bed so that we wouldn’t have to miss class when he was away. Thanks for all you have taught me.

I will never forget the love that my parents have given to me. They are my support system, my rock. They taught me to always be independent, and as cheesy as this sounds, do whatever it takes to reach for my dreams. I love you mom and dad. And of course my whole family. 🙂

Graduation is a big step, but I think that the next step in life is even bigger. It’s time for us to get off our heels and find a career that will drive our passions.

Yes! We did it, Class of 2012!

Another stepping stone, another amazing memory. I’m so thankful.

Go Broncos!


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  1. The Awkward List permalink


    Such an awesome post.. I’m happy for you 🙂

    happiness.. smiles minus frowns.. I like it! 🙂


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