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Silly Little Duckling

August 16, 2012


There is a huge pond that goes around our office building, and tis the season for ducks and geese to make matrimony… and little babies.

Early this morning, James heard a duckling cry coming from a storm drain- which of course was cemented into the ground. A couple of computer geeks later, we used Dust-Off, Scotch-taped 3 sheets of rolled up paper to make a stick, and downloaded an iPhone duck calling app to lure her to the other side of the tunnel where there was an open drain to scoop her out.

…Pretty sure that open drain is how she got stuck in the first place.

We needed a little help, so I called the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA at 11:54 AM and the rescuer was there by 12:05 to help save the day! I’m seriously impressed by the how much the dispatcher and rescuer cared about the duckling. 5 gold stars to the SPCA!

After the duckling was rescued, we reunited her with her family at the pond. It was the most adorable thing- the mother duck and 6 other ducklings all swam towards the stray one 🙂 …and then we couldn’t tell one from the other.

Here is a video!


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