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Oakland Athletics

October 11, 2012

You win some, you lose some. But I’m really okay with Charlie Sheen’s coined term “winning”.

I’ve been there for games where I could spread my legs across 3 chairs because it was so empty. And now… EVERY seat is sold out?! Well, I think it’s pretty awesome- with or without bandwagoners. American League Division Series is a pretty big deal, especially for the A’s that so many people counted out since the beginning. So for those who didn’t believe and have fAith in the Oakland Athletics, I am happy to say… I told you so, I told you so.

What an A’smazing day!

Here are some shots- enjoy 🙂

Before the game

Don’t see this very often at the Coliseum!

Brett Anderson

I’m coocoo 4 CoCo!

Stomper getting fans riled up!

The cool fans

Hardcore bleachers!

Great lookin’ posters

Diehard A’s

Sea of green & gold

A’s for the win!

One of Suki’s many sporting goods apparel. She had to change out of her Giants jersey at 6pm for the start of the A’s game.


<Update Thursday, 10/11/12>

Post season glory came to an end today with Detroit beating us 6-0. Verlander has one tough arm… Yes, we were verlandered.

Regardless of the tears I shed tonight, I’m know that all the A’s fans are so proud of how far the Athletics came this season. Until next year!

I’ll leave this post with a quote that I read on the Oakland Athletics facebook page from a Tigers fan:

James Grzelka: From a die hard Tigers fan, great series, you guys kept fighting. If your management keeps that core together youll be a scary team. It took Verlander at his crazy man best to beat you, good job, looking forward to next years matchup……”


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