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Ohlone Flea Market

October 16, 2012

I grew up going to the Ohlone College Super Flea Market. In elementary school, my mom would take me to buy new scrunchies and bows. The Asian lady selling these hair accessories would pinch my cheeks, call me cute, and sometimes give us a hot deal of “buy one get one free”. 😉

Ohlone College has held this flea market for the past 22 years on the second Saturday of each month. As I got older, we started going less until our frequent trips up the street stopped.

This past Saturday, my mom thought it would be nice to take a trip to the flea market – for old time’s sake. My perspective has certainly changed from wanting a new green scrunchie to just stepping back and seeing the beauty of the flea market and the campus.

Some pictures from Saturday, October 13, 2012:

An adorable older couple dancing to music from a record player

$1! $5! New kitchen tools!

A pile of old camera supplies and binoculars

Hundreds of items from one seller

I never thought I would have to stop my mother from buying things that we don’t need… but I did. OH how the tables have turned. It was really cute how she gave me $9 in cash to spend freely. Reminded me of getting allowance as a child.

Row of colorful scarves

Reminds me of the Red Hat Society, but pink!

Random, interesting items

Old jewelry boxes, displayed with care

Most of all, the beautiful Ohlone College Fremont campus


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  1. Jan permalink

    So what did you buy for $9? I might have picked up a cute salt and pepper, and I’m sure I would have found something on that table full of cameras and related items!

  2. Thanks for reading, Jan! I actually spent $20 of my own: $10 on an Owl Necklace (for myself), $10 on a magnifying class with a jade handle and coral detail (for my dad). I’ll take a picture of it and post it up for you! With my mom’s $9, I just used $2 of it to buy refillable doggy bags for my pup. 🙂 Gave the rest back to her like a good daughter.

    • Jan permalink

      Yes, I want to see your treasures! Speaking of pups… next post will be a fast and practical little coat/cape for small dogs. Start with an old sweatshirt & keep your puppy cozy! Stay tuned!

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