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Social Media and the Meteor Shower

October 18, 2012
    1. This story is shared from my new Storify account. I’m trying out a new way of telling stories by curating social media. Let me know what you guys think of it! It might be a revolutionary way of publicizing your personal blog.
      Working as an intern in a news room is one of the coolest positions that I have ever taken. Around 7:45 pm, I got a call from someone saying that he saw a green and red fireball go over his head followed by a loud boom. He was from Pacifica. More people continued to call saying they saw aliens, fireworks, felt an earthquake – craziness! I called police stations to see if they knew anything about it, but guess what? I learned the most about this breaking news through social. My personal Twitter feed exploded with reports of a meteor shower. Even Marc Benioff tweeted about it!
    2. Benioff
      Welcome to the social meteor.
      Wed, Oct 17 2012 20:15:33
    3. PaloAltoPolice
      We rec’d calls about a bright light in the sky around 8 p.m. According to news reports, it could have been a fireball produced by a meteor.
      Wed, Oct 17 2012 20:42:22
    4. abc7newsBayArea
      We’re getting a lot of reports of people seeing something in the sky around 7:45 p.m. Did you see it? Send pics/video to
      Wed, Oct 17 2012 20:07:40
    5. kron4news

      No one from NASA is talking tonight but here is what we are working on…A meteor shower spawned by history’s…

      Wed, Oct 17 2012 20:57:43
    6. People talking around the Bay Area! The initial confusion, the thoughts – it’s all fascinating how social media can spread word so fast. And what’s more incredible is how you can see stories unfold right before your eyes.

    7. Jmanggg13
      Earthquake and a meteor shower….end of the world? I’m feeling it, good to know I spent basically my entire life in school #solid
      Wed, Oct 17 2012 21:01:51
    8. Wed, Oct 17 2012 20:44:26
    9. I even typed in “loud boom” and saw so many results pop up!
    10. jsnell
      We heard it here. Loud boom. RT @martyn_williams Heard a boom in Palo Alto, and Twitter reports say fireball seen over Silicon Valley…
      Wed, Oct 17 2012 20:01:37
    11. EvrythingSoCty
      Everyone around town & surrounding areas are talking about the loud boom/meteor this evening. Thanks to Kris…
      Wed, Oct 17 2012 21:15:07
    12. meccaunixrazah
      METEOR SHOWER OCT~ 20 -21*-*
      Wed, Oct 17 2012 19:54:55
    13. Is it the awaited Orionid Meteor Shower?
    14. NBCNews
      Orionid meteor shower to light up night skies this weekend
      Tue, Oct 16 2012 13:51:38
    15. jesusdonkey
      RT @abc7newsBayArea: The National Weather Service has received reports from Mendocino to Monterey. They believe it’s related to the Orionid meteor shower.
      Wed, Oct 17 2012 21:15:23
If you didn’t see the meteors this time and will miss them over the weekend, at least know that you can experience it vicariously through social!

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