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A Shot of Nostalgia

November 20, 2012

It’s a common trend for things that were once old-school to make a comeback. Retro-framed glasses, leggings, Backstreet Boys, and even Hello Kitty found its way back to the fashion platform.

Whether you grew up in the 1940’s or the 1990’s, nostalgia is coming, and it’s back with a flash.

It was the most exciting feeling bringing my new Polaroid Pic-300 camera to the cash register with a pack of film on the side. Like a good researcher, I posed questions and hypotheses for my experiment.

Will it work?                                   Doubt it.

Will I use it after a week?             Eh, most likely not.

Is it worth the money?                 No… there’s something called Instagram.

I can safely say that I proved all of my opinionated hypotheses wrong.  I adore this new-school instant camera, and you will too if you love the feeling of an instant snap and shake. The camera takes film that comes in a roll of ten, and the pictures are smaller than the original Polaroid shots.  I would classify them as business-card size. It costs around one dollar per photo for Polaroid film, but the great thing is that Fujifilm came out with a very similar camera that takes the same type of film. You can actually order Fujifilm Instax film for about seventy-five cents a shot and it works the same! I’ve been using my Polaroid for about one month now, gone through thirty photos, and just ordered five more packs for the future.

An additional feature that I wasn’t expecting from this camera is the four-scene setting that works with the automatic flash. I use my camera mostly indoors, and the indoor light setting really makes a difference in the picture quality. Needless to say, I am impressed- and so are my friends. This Polaroid camera has outdone itself for sixty-nine dollars.

If you’re looking for an HD quality, zoom-capable instant camera, this is not the product for you. But if you can find value in nostalgia and good old-fashioned feeling, then I can guarantee that you will give the Polaroid Pic-300 a five-star rating.

Yes! Published on real paper.


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